3 spots in Amsterdam East

Spots in Amsterdam spots in Amsterdam

Each and every neighbourhood in Amsterdam has its own charm. But most of the time tourists tend to stay in the city center of Amsterdam. But what if you discovered other parts of the city? There’s more to see and to do! We’ve highlighted 3 spots in Amsterdam East that are definetely worth a visit. 

Visit the Tropenmuseum

The Tropenmuseum is located quite near the Zoo Artis. The Tropenmuseum has various exhibitions about culture, slavery and modern art. The building has a bit of a colonial look, but actually this building is not that old. After you’ve visit the Tropenmuseum, you can walk straight to the Oosterpark for a nice stroll. This park has been refurbished a few years ago and looks stunning. Especially in the Summer or Autumn.

Bars and restaurants

The eastern part of Amsterdam wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays. This part has made a true transformation over the last ten years. It’s  now packed with cool and hip bars and restaurants. If you want to hang out here somewhere, a nice starting point is the Javastraat. You have quite a few restaurants located here. Another nice option would be Beukenplein. This is especially nice during the summertime. The terraces here catch the last sunlight of the day!


The Dappermarkt is a market that has been here for ages. It’s a multicultural market where you can find loads of good and fresh food. You also might want to take a look at the stands which sell clothes. The best time is to visit the market in the early morning. 

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