Amsterdam: A Great City For Shopping

Amsterdam: A Great City For Shopping

A Great City: Malls, markets, department stores and more await you when you visit Amsterdam. Picking up a few traditional souvenirs of your stay is almost mandatory when you are on holiday, but Amsterdam is also an amazing place to make more wide ranging purchases of luxury items, clothing, music and books.

The main shopping districts in the city

A Great City For ShoppingThere are exciting independent shops to discover throughout Amsterdam, though there are also some designated shopping districts in this city. If you would like a truly atmospheric shopping experience, then you can do little better than to head down to the historic area known as De Negen Straatjes (this means ‘the Nine Streets‘). These cosy, ancient, winding streets are peppered with picturesque shops and kiosks, as well as cafes and fashion boutiques. This trendy part of town is a lovely space to spend time – even if you are just window shopping and soaking up the vibe. Department stores are also an important part of Amsterdam’s commercial sector, and the most popular ones are arguably the Maison de Bonneterie and the Bijenkorf. The former is housed within a resplendent white domed building filled with elegant colonnaded galleries. Certain districts of the city are known for certain types of shops. Travellers and locals wishing to pick up artistic souvenirs, antiques and crafted items, for example, should head straight for the Spiegelkwartier district close to the museum quarter as this region is famous for its art galleries and antique shops. Every one of these regions counts as a fascinating tourist attraction in its own right.

Traditional Dutch delicacies to look out for when you are shopping

A Great City: Keen to bring home some food, drink, clothing or handicrafts that are distinctively Dutch? Here are a few suggestions for you. Head to the flower markets and grab some tulip bulbs to plant in your garden or in pots in the home. Alternatively, grab some classic Dutch cheese such as Gouda, Maasdam (which features holes similar to those found in Swiss cheese), Leerdammer or Leyden. In need of some plates to put that cheese on? No problem! Traditional blue Delft pottery is one of the products that has helped to make The Netherlands famous. Finally, people all over the world have heard of Dutch clogs. These wooden shoes are actually very comfortable, though you can also purchase smaller decorative versions of the clog to hang on your wall or put in pride of place on a shelf. 

Happy shopping!

Amsterdam is a wonderful place for shopping. Shopping here is about so much more than simply purchasing products. Rather, it is all about the combination of amazing goods available to buy and the unique atmosphere in the city’s shopping malls and historic streets. Whether you want to enjoy the indie vibes of the Nine Streets or marvel at the soaring roof of the Maison de Bonneterie, shopping in Amsterdam will be a real experience to remember.