Amsterdam & De Jordaan

Amsterdam & De Jordaan

De Jordaan is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in the city of Amsterdam in Netherlands. The once working-class stronghold was renowned for radical politics, tight community bonds and a love for drinking. It is almost impossible for guests to visit Amsterdam and pass.

LocationDe Jordaan

De Jordaan is located west of Centraal Station and begins at Brouwersgrach and ends at the Leidsegracht. For people who want to explore De Jordaan, commercial sections and tourist attractions are located in the area north of Rozengracht. Traditionally, De Jordan was marked by the regions which people would hear the bells of Westerkerk


The idea behind developing De Jordaan 17th century was to build home for the working classes as industries aimed at upgrading the lives of their employees. Politics took over the region and chaos started occasionally erupting leading to damage to property. The residents set new homes only when the current ones were destroyed beyond repair. Renting a house in the area soon became expensive which compelled the original residents to relocate to satellite towns like Almere and Purmerend. This shuffle created room for young professionals who were willing to pay the escalating rents to live in De Jordaan.


De Jordaan offer art galleries, hidden courtyards and cafes which are both modern and traditional. The area is densely populated with about 20,000 residents living as close neighbours. This number has, however, reduced as compared to the 19th century when it was five times the current population. One of the most notable activities is the love that the community has for education. School going kids attend their classes in freight bicycles which is one of the commonly used modes of transport in the area.

Food, drinks and accommodation

Visitors can experience the cultural foods in De Jordaan by visiting traditional or modern cafes and bars while enjoying sing-a-longs in the venues. At the end of the day, you will need a quiet and comfortable place to unwind after a long day. Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo offers a comfortable and affordable stay for people who visit De Jordaan. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, you will have the convenience of visiting.