The Jordaan: Amsterdam’s Best Neighbourhood

The Jordaan: Amsterdam’s Best Neighbourhood

Best Neighbourhood: No trip to Amsterdam is ever complete without taking the time to visit this beautiful neighbourhood to soak up its atmosphere. From its canals to its markets — The Jordaan shows off the very best of what Amsterdam has to offer.

Canals, Courtyards and Houseboats

There is something magical about the way the early morning sunlight dances upon the canals of De Jordaan, as the church bells of the historical Westerkerk tower — that grand old symbol of the city — call out to the inhabitants of this wonderful town, announcing the dawning of another day. Around every corner, there is always some pleasant curiosity that catches the eye, such as a quaint old pub or a serene-looking courtyard scattered with Geraniums.

Houseboats and ferries line the canals and old terraced buildings line the streets. Many of these buildings still display on their facades, the stone tablets which were originally used to signify the occupation of the inhabitant.

The old and the new intermingle harmoniously, gracing the landscape and giving it that unique, quintessentially Amsterdamian character that one cannot help but fall utterly in love with.Best Neighbourhood

Markets, Museums and Monuments

De Jordaan is the neighbourhood that the famous painter, Rembrandt, chose to spend his twilight years in and the Westerkerk is his final resting place. It is also the part of Amsterdam that housed Anne Frank when she was in hiding from the Nazis during the dark days of World War 2, and from where she wrote her diary.

The Dutch have always been fond of markets and in Amsterdam you are never short of choice when it comes to them — De Jordaan is no exception. From the Lime market on the Lindengract, to the flea market in Noordermarkt, there is a market for everyone. Being rich in history and culture, it will come as no surprise that there are museums aplenty in De Jordaan. From the Pianola Museum to the Woonboot Museum, there is a museum for everyone.

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