Amsterdam Musea’s

Art and Culture in Absorbing Amsterdam

Art and Culture: Museums in Amsterdam. Centrally located Hostel Orfeo is a great base for exploring the history of this fascinating city.

Amsterdam is home to over 50 museums, so there is plenty to discover and definitely something for everyone.

Exploring Amsterdam’s HistoryArt and Culture

A good place to start is the Amsterdam Museum, which explores the personality of the city through unfurling its 1000 year history. The hour long ‘Amsterdam DNA’ tour is a fantastic way to understand the city better.

Amsterdam played a key role during the Second World War and this is explored throughout the city. The moving Anne Frank House is a poignant reality check on what man can inflict on man. Thankfully there are always those willing to put themselves in danger to protect others and Verzetsmuseum tells the story of the Dutch Resistance Movement in Amsterdam. Fascinating and insightful, this gives a real sense of the struggles people faced during the occupation and of the extraordinary things achieved by ordinary people in the face of an evil they could not accept.

Art and Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to world renowned Rijksmuseum. A visit here is a walk through the Dutch Golden Age in art. Masterworks of Vermeer and Rembrandt are both exhibited, although a more intimate understanding of the life of Rembrandt can be found at Rembrandthuis. Home to Rembrandt for many years, it has been meticulously restored to show how he lived.

The Van Gogh Museum is another artistic must-see. Home to the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work in the world, its collection includes ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘The Potato Eaters’.

Science and Seafaring at Eastern Docklands

If you’re looking for something a bit more 21st Century, the Nemo Science Museum is great place to unearth all sorts of secrets. Set in a futuristic looking building on the dockside it is a short walk from the National Maritime Museum, which explains how the sea shaped life in Holland.

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