Amsterdam’s Streets Are Filled With Entertainers

Amsterdam’s Streets Are Filled With Entertainers

Street performers are ready to entertain you

Filled With Entertainers: Amsterdam is of course a wonderful city to stroll around, thanks to its lovely architecture and the canals. While you’re wandering around, do take a look at some of the street performers that enliven the city. These could be musicians, living statues, dancers, or some other form of entertainment, and play a part in amusing visitors and bringing the city alive.

Where to find them

Street performers naturally tend to concentrate in areas that draw a lot of tourists. If you’re near Rembrandtplein or Leidseplein, you’ll be sure to find some there. Vondelpark is another popular spot for entertainers. But you might stumble upon a street performance when you’re not looking, so if you see a laughing crowd then there might be something worth watching. A note of caution: pickpockets often capitalise on tourists who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around them, so be sure to keep a careful eye on your belongings while you watch the performance.

Enjoy a mini concertfilled with entertainers

Music of all kinds can also be found in the streets, from jazz to popular music. You may stumble across students performing classical music, which guarantees a high standard. These “mini concerts” are limited to 30 minutes, so are long enough to enjoy but not too long to stand for if there’s nowhere to sit! Typical ‘venues’ are on the Museumplein, by canals in the Old City centre, or on Spui square.

Make a contribution

Do remember that these entertainers are there to earn a living, and will appreciate any donations that come their way. It’s also a chance to show your appreciation for the entertainment they’ve provided you with; a euro isn’t much to a visitor but will add up to reward the performer. It’s especially courteous to make a donation if you’ve taken a photo with a living statue.

Book your accommodation

Such a popular destination can mean accommodation is in demand, so advance booking is sensible if you don’t want to be trudging the streets looking for a vacancy. Hostel Orfeo is a great budget option, and is conveniently situated for Leidseplein.