Tour Amsterdam’s Street Art

The Fantastic Free Spectacle Of Amsterdam’s Street Art

Free Spectacle: Amsterdam is of course well known for its famous artists and galleries such as the Rijksmuseum, but the artistic traditions of this lovely city continue into the modern day. And you don’t have to visit a gallery to see the art of today – it can be seen all around you. So why not check out some of Amsterdam’s vibrant street art as you stroll or cycle through the streets?

Street art is free

While Amsterdam’s galleries are certainly worth seeing, there’s no denying that visiting such famous establishments can be expensive. The entrance fees soon add up, so if you’re on a budget you may just want to choose one or two galleries to prioritise. But street art is everywhere, and it won’t cost you a single cent to see!


Street artists are free of any pressure to produce commercial art that sells, so they can let their creativity loose. What you see is what the artist really wants to express. And since they often want to talk about important issues, their work can be really thought-provoking. Carry a small Dutch dictionary so that you can understand some of the written art.

It’s everywherefree spectacle

You’ll see street art everywhere you go. If you don’t know where to begin, there are some suggestions on this blog. There are also plenty of walking tours, which is also an excellent way to see some of the best street art in Amsterdam. They’re often free, and an interesting way to learn more about the city and its artists. Or you can go on a cycling tour of street art – well, you are in Amsterdam!

There’s even a street art museum

Given the nature of the art, this isn’t a conventional museum, and you won’t find everything collected in a single venue. But you can go on tours and find out more about Amsterdam street art.

Before you travel

You can contact Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) for information on festivals and events. Don’t forget to book somewhere to stay as well – the Hostel Orfeo provides affordable accommodation and is conveniently central.