Going on a date in Amsterdam

Are you spending Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam and looking for inspiration for a date? We’ve put together a list of original, romantic and adventurous ideas. If you prefer a personal advice, our hostel staff is always willing to share tips. Feel free to ask them at any time during your stay with us.

Valentine's Day

TonTon Club

If you like playing games, we highly recommend checking out TonTon Club Centrum. It’s an old fashioned arcade hall and it has a large collection of 90’s machines. Many of them are two player games, so perfect for a playful date. If it’s a first date, it can make getting to know each other a little less awkward.

The love boat

Amsterdam is known for its many canals. The best way to enjoy these canals is by boat. You can book a canal cruise by day, but also by night. There are multiple options for a candlelit dinner on the Amsterdam canals. What could be more romantic?

Pathé Tuskinski

Going to the movies is a classic date night idea. Pathé Tuskinski is one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Its Art Deco interior makes watching a blockbuster movie on Valentine’s Day a bit more special. If you prefer the less known movies, this cinema also screens arthouse movies.

Go cycling

Cycling is the main sort of transport for people in Amsterdam. The city is too crowded to experience by car, and because it’s not that big, a bike is perfect. The bike lanes are very well-kept and easy to navigate. There are numerous rental stores in Amsterdam to rent a bike. If you want a particularly romantic bike trip, you can rent a tandem bicycle. Cycling experience and staying sober on your date is recommended with this one…

Take it to the next level

If you and your date enjoy an adrenalin rush, we recommend trying Europe’s highest swing. The swing is located on top of the A’DAM Tower. It’s the absolute best view of the city.

Luxury roof top bar

If you enjoy a view, but aren’t sure about the swing, you can always visit a cool roof top bar. Restaurant Moon is located at the same A’DAM Tower. It has a 360 degrees view over the city and it rotates! It doesn’t matter which table you choose, at the end of the evening you have had a view of the entire city of Amsterdam.