In Amsterdam? View it from above!

Typical Dutch RooftopsTypical Dutch Rooftops

Welcome to Amsterdam! The lovely capital city of our little country. You could stay and explore Amsterdam and see it’s Typical Dutch Rooftops but it would almost be a waste not to see other big cities too. Of course, Amsterdam is fantastic, but why not go a bit further and explore other parts of this country as well? 


With a well organized and structured public transportation that the Netherlands offers you can move around quite easily from one city in to the other. And today we are going to the rival of Amsterdam. Especially in the soccer scene these two cities are huge rivals but let’s be honest, we don’t care about that stuff. We just want to have a good time. 

So…today…we are going to…Rotterdam! 

Take a look at it from a different angle

Rotterdam is our biggest harbour city and you can see and experience a lot here. Today we will focus on seeing the city from above. No, not by a helicopter cause, like, who can afford that? Not us! No, we are going to climb the Euromast so we can have a view of typical Dutch rooftops. The fun thing is, that the view differs per city. In Amsterdam you have a lot of the orange triangular shaped rooftops and in Rotterdam, that is a more industrial city, you will see more flat black and grey rooftops. 
Sidenote, besides climbing the Euromast and abseiling from it you can also dine there. But like the helicopter ride, who can afford that? Haha. 

Sleep tight…

And after an exciting city in Rotterdam it is time to go back to Amsterdam because lets be honest, Rotterdam is great and it also has a fantastic nightlife. But in reality, nothing can beat the Amsterdam city nightlife and after a full day of exploring it would be a waste not to go for a cocktail or two in the capital city of the Netherlands. After you had your drinks you surely want to chill and have a nice sleep. Luckily for you Amsterdam has some great accommodation options. A great option is the Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo . This hostel offers comfy beds in colorful rooms that are perfect for a well deserved good night sleep!