Why You Should Visit the Kwaku Summer Festival

The Kwaku Summer Festival occurs over the course of four weekends and two additional Friday nights in July and August. The venue is Nelson Mandela Park. It’s a great way to enjoy great music and food while spending time in the Dutch capital. Here’s everything you need to know about attending the festival.


The festival debuted in 1975 and continues to have a big Surinamese influence in terms of food, sport and entertainment. It started as a football tournament, but as it grew, food vendors and musical talents from home and abroad also began flocking to the tournament until it became what you see today.

Food and Drink

Kwaku Summer Festival Oranges

Food is a big part of the Kwaku festival and you can expect to find over 100 food stands in the area. There are also dining tents and bars that serve drinks. Festival attendants are not allowed to bring their own food or drink, but there’s something for everyone to enjoy. That includes snacks, meals 

and cocktails. Examples of items available include noodles, sandwiches, sausages, fish, and cakes, as well as beer and other drinks.


Before going to the festival, there are few important things to keep in mind. There is an admission fee and is as low as 4 Euros or as high as 9 Euros. The cost depends on the date, but you can also buy a pass for every weekend of the festival for 32 Euros. Amsterdam City Pass holders also get a discount.

Of course, while you’re in Amsterdam, there’s a lot to see besides the Kwaku Summer Festival. Hiring a private taxi makes it easy to get around town and do some other sightseeing until the next show starts. There are numerous museums, restaurants and attractions that people love about Amsterdam and adding them to your festival itinerary creates a well-rounded trip that you’ll never forget.