Land, Sea and Canals in Holland

Mariniersmuseum RotterdamThe Amazing Amsterdam Canals

The canal network of Amsterdam makes it one of the world’s most intriguing capital cities. These canals are a legacy from the Middle Ages organized when much of the north-sea coast was under water. In the 1600’s, a master engineering plan organized the city into residential areas. The canals that encircled these areas became a vital part of the transport and drainage system. Another coastal town is Rotterdam, about 78km south of Amsterdam. Older than the capital, it was built near the delta formed by the Rhine, Meuse, Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam and Scheldt rivers. 

Rotterdam’s Maritime Museum

Because Rotterdam is located where three major rivers flow into the sea, it has a significant maritime history. This is why Prince Henry of the Netherlands founded the Maritime Museum in 1874. Located on Wijnhaven, it is open Tuesday to Sunday, and it is closed on Bank holidays. It is also closed on Monday, except during the school holidays. Twenty-five historic objects from the core of the museum’s collection objects that include the Mataro, the oldest model ship in Europe. Also on view is the Itinerary of Jan Huygen van Linschotten, and many original drawings and maps.

Old Ships and Rotterdam Cruises

Whether you are a student, a parent with young children or simply a traveler filled with curiosity, you will thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam. In addition to viewing the exhibits, you will be able to visit the adjoining Maritime Museum Harbour, where a number of historic ships are moored. You can enter many of them and in summer, organized cruises take place through Rotterdam.

Staying in Amsterdam

Traveling from Amsterdam to Rotterdam is not a problem since many transport links exist between the two cities. However, you will want a comfortable and affordable place to stay while in Amsterdam. One such place is the Orfeo Budget hostel on Leidsekruisstraat, which is near popular Amsterdam attractions like the Vondelpark and the Anne Frank House Museum.