Mamma mia! These are the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam

Mamma mia! These are the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam

restaurantsWho doesn’t love Italian food? Everybody, right? Antipasti, caprese salad, pizza, pasta, you name it. It may not always be the healthiest option, but for sure the tastiest. There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, but not every restaurant is as good. In this blog we share some of the best Italian restaurants in the city with you.



If you’re a fan of fine dining and good wines, Bussia is the place to be. Bussia takes its name from a Barolo vineyard in Piemonte in Italy. Don’t expect pizzas when visiting Bussia. At this Italian restaurant you’ll eat multiple courses of classic dishes with a modern twist. It is a perfect restaurant for a special occasion, or if you want to have exceptionally good dinner with special wines.

Reestraat 18 –



Koevoet is a traditional and cody Italian restaurant, located in the Jordaan. A lot of the staff are Italian, which is always a good sign in an Italian restaurant. There are no pizzas but plenty of antipasti, fish and meat dishes and different kinds of pastas. We can highly recommend the burrata, which is really good.

Lindenstraat 17 –



Spaghetteria has two restaurants in Amsterdam. It is a great spot for an affordable dinner with friends. Spaghetteria serves different kinds of pastas with seasonal ingredients. Fun fact: Spaghetteria doesn’t serve cappuccino. The Italians think it’s a sin to drink cappuccino after 11 am. Besides that, we can highly recommend having dinner at Spaghetteria!

Van Woustraat 123 & Jan Hanzenstraat 32 –



Pazzi owns two pizza restaurants in Amsterdam. Besides amazing pizza, Pazzi also serves delicious Italian tapas. The menu is short with only a couple of options. That means food is always fresh. Pazzi is a great option for a good old-fashioned Italian dinner.

De Clercqstraat 93 & Eerste Looiersdwarsstraat 4 –



This pizzeria is not like any other Dutch pizzeria. At nNea pizzas are made tradionally, like they do in Naples. They also don’t slice the pizza with a knife, but they cut it with scissors. An Italian jury gave nNea the title of ‘Best pizzeria in the Netherlands’. The pizza at nNea is served with different kinds of delicious wine. The sommelier is always available for a good suggestion.

Bilderdijkstraat 92 –


Do you love Italian food as much as we do? What’s your favorite Italian restaurant in Amsterdam? Get in touch!