Mariniers Museum Rotterdam

Mariniers Museum RotterdamBackpackers Guide to Mariniers Museum Rotterdam 

Mariniers Museum Rotterdam is the home of Dutch Mariniers (‘Marines’), so when visiting, you should take a tour of the Mariniers Museum which is conveniently located in the heart of the city. 

Background Story 

The Mariniers Museum Rotterdam tells the famous story of the Dutch Raid on the Medway that dates back in 1667. When a large fleet led by Dutch Admiral, Michiel de Ruyter sailed into the Thames through River Medway to attack the English fleet. The Museum tells tales of the success of the Dutch Naval from that point on through to the modern 20th century. It covers over two floors of the 4-story building. 

What to See 

Start your tour on the top floor where you’ll watch a short film that takes you through the mariners’ history and current roles in the modern world. Enjoy a chronological display of the events as detailed around the walls. You can also follow the journey through intriguing paintings, documents, drawings and personal items including a mangled sword left by the heroic Lieutenant Van Speijk. The second floor covers mariners journey through deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. On this floor, there’s an experiential zone with helmet footage of the marines in action as well as overhead audio reflectors of the corps sharing their experiences. The first floor is mainly dedicated to the kids where they can enjoy a mini assault course and jungle. Finally, the ground floor comprises of the ticket office and a shop. 

How to Get There 

Mariniers Museum is located at Wijnhaven 11, 3011 WH, Rotterdam. It is easy to get there by train, bike or on foot. The museum is close to the famous yellow “Cube Houses” (on the river side). If you are not staying around the neighbourhood, you can catch a tube or tram to Rotterdam Blaak Station and from there walk South East. To get into the museum, adult pay €6,00, children €3,00 (ages 4 – 12) and under 4s enter free. The museum is opened Tuesday-Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM and on weekends from 11 AM – 5 AM. 

Where to Stay 

You can stay at the Amsterdam Hostel Uptown which is in the middle of Amsterdam and offers quick access to the Museum and a plethora of other attraction sites. Amsterdam Hostel Uptown is affordable and comfortable for everyone. Check out their website to learn more.