October is not boring in Amsterdam West

To do in Amsterdam  to do in amsterdam

To do in Amsterdam. There are loads of options on what to do in Amsterdam if you visit the city during this month. Rain can fall more often during this month and it’s getting a bit colder. Nevertheless, we’ve listed a few things that you can do in Amsterdam West. This part of the city is excellent to explore. There are especially some nice restaurants to visit here! We’ve listed a few of the favourits for you. No need to catch a cold during this month, get inside and warm up!

To do in Amsterdam: visit Hendrix

Hendrix is located on De Clerqstraat. This is a popular bar for locals. They serve comfortfood, there are nice seats and you have the option to hang at the bar. This is a typical place where people start with coffee in de morning, have a brunch, get together with friends for a drink in the afternoon… And then you might end up eating their fabulous burger of stew along with a glass of good wine. At around eleven at night the bar is full of people who drink and have fun with their friends. 


The Spaghetteria is the place to be for a quick plate of pasta. They have fresh pasta here with various sauces. This is the ideal place if you want to grab a quick dinner. Their menu is simple, they serve the pasta really fast and you can order a nice glass of wine next to it. Not the place to sit all evening, but ideal if you have plans after dinner. They’ve more locations in Amsterdam.


The restaurant SJAS is brand new in Amsterdam West. It’s located in the Chass├ęstraat, which is in a typical neighborhood in Amsterdam. It’s not on a busy street but right next to houses in this kid friendly area. The interior of SJAS is very nice. The owners, two women, have transformed this space in a comfortable place to eat and drink. Almost all the decoration is bought second hand. There’s a bar at the front of the restaurant, ideal to drink a cocktail here before you dine here.

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