Spas In Amsterdam

Spas In Amsterdam

Spas: What could be more relaxing on holiday than a trip to a luxurious spa? Exploring one of Amsterdam‘s finest spas will enable you to return to your sightseeing refreshed and energized. A deluxe spa treatment is also the perfect way to cool down and pamper yourself after a long cycling trip around the city or even further afield to the tulip fields to the east. This guide to Amsterdam’s spas will help you to home in on the best therapeutic destinations that the city has to offer. 

A selection of three of the best spas in AmsterdamSpas in Amsterdam

The first place on this list is for women only: Hammam Bathhouse (the word ‘Hammam’ is Arabic for ‘bathhouse’). Decorated opulently in a Turkish style, this is a traditional bathhouse that offers a steam room, massages and baths of varying temperatures in order to accommodate everyone’s needs. Feeling hungry? No problem: a variety of appetizing light bites are available here too. Second on the list is something a little more quirky and contemporary: Koan Float. The main attraction here is a large flotation pod in which you can conceal yourself for total peace and quiet before enjoying a sophisticated message. If you are in search of a classic Spa, moreover, then one fabulous option is Spa du Sahara. This is a relaxed and spacious bathhouse that offers individual full body massages, facial massages and aromatherapy as well as the opportunity for all genders to bathe and socialize.

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The three options above offer just a small taster of the vibrant and varied spa culture in Amsterdam. Explore the various spas in the city and choose the one that best suits your needs to give yourself an additional treat on holiday. Staying in a central location like in Hostel Orfeo will make it so easy to reach all of Amsterdam’s main spas too.