Summer in Amsterdam? Visit these museums!

Summer in AmsterdamĀ Summer in Amsterdam

Okay, you’d say that you want to be outside when it’s nice and sunny on your trip to Amsterdam… Sure, but what if it gets too warm? What if the temperature rises and you no longer have that comfortable feeling of being on a holiday? Then it’s time to visit some of the museums in Amsterdam! As they do have an airconditioning and some nice pieces of art to show you. Perfect for your Summer in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum

This museum is the most popular in Amsterdam. This is the place to be when it comes to seeing the work of Vincent van Gogh. The famous Dutch painter who gave the world something magnificant to look at. You’ll discover here a lot of his paintings, but also work from other artists. These expositions are different almost very season.

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is also a very popular museum, even in the Summer in Amsterdam! You can wander around here for hours without getting bored. You can check out famous paintings, such as the night’s watch. Or check out real Dutch interior design created by world famous designers. Behind the Rijksmuseum you have a park. Ideal to eat a sandwich after you’ve wandered around (if not too hot).


Another fantastic museum to visit is the Hermitage. This is a smaller replica of the Hermitage in Russia. The one in Russia will take days to discover… In Amsterdam all the expositions can be seen in one day. The Hermitage will take you through different expositions. Check out their website beforehand to see what they have at that moment.

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