The Bakery museum Hattem.

Visit the Nederlands  Bakery museum Hattem.

Dutch bakery HattemThe Dutch Bakery Museum is located in the picturesque fortified town of Hatten in the eastern Netherlands. The baker of the museum blows his horn daily to let everyone know activities in the museum have started, with visitors being able to roll up their sleeves and learn how to make bread.
The museum is the largest bread museum in Amsterdam and consists of three beautiful buildings that are interconnected by tunnels under the street. The museum shows the rich history of bread and pastries in Amsterdam.

For Families.

During school holidays, the bakery offers a programme of activities for children and families. Within the museum is a small theatre, where the bakers put on a performance full of humour and education. The bread show is designed to be an incentive to give children and adults the confidence and incentive to go home and try their hand at bread making.

Visiting the Museum.

Bygone times are relived daily in the 150-year-old bakery, with a daily agenda to teach visitors about the daily life in a bakery whilst incorporating the rich history of bread-making. The museum also boasts a historic tea room, where visitors can be served tea or coffees in addition to delicacies from the museum’s bakery. There is also a well-stocked store that allows visitors to purchase reminders of their visit. The shop originates from 1904 and the interior design remains true to form. The shop offers souvenirs, home baking products, traditional postcards, and, of course, items from our own bakery.

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