The Dutch bakery museum

Take a Trip through History at the Dutch Bakery Museum

There are many interesting places you need to visit in The Netherlands, and the Dutch Bakery Museum is one of the best. The museum takes you back to when baking started to become a normal activity because of the rising population. It has a medieval environment and is generally perfectly done. There are many old machines and tools on display, and these are placed side by side with their modern replacements.The Dutch bakery museum

Family Shows

The Dutch Bakery Museum is a great place to spend time with your family. The family performances are hosted by Baker Fred. He tries to incorporate humour into his baking and inspires young people to take up baking. The show runs for three quarters of an hour- they usually start at 12 pm. The museum has a nice and well-designed theatre where these performances are held. After the show, you can head to the historic barroom in the museum and enjoy some nice baked goods. These are usually served with a hot beverage.

The Discovery Tour

This tour is one of the most fascinating activities in the museum. The museum staff will welcome you with a giant cream butter crackle and then take you through the history of baking. The museum has an interesting layout, and that makes the tour even more interesting. Unfortunately, the descriptions on the exhibits are all in Dutch. You may have to learn some Dutch when visiting, or just come with a translator. One of the best parts of the tour is the patisserie section. This part of the tour has deep details on the process of making chocolate and marzipan forms.


The Dutch Bakery Museum is an interesting and educational place. It is best for families with children, but they have activities for people of all ages. If you intend to visit the museum as a group, you should call them in advance so that they customize your experience. You can consider staying at Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo since it is centrally located in the city. It is also affordable and highly comfortable.