The Palace on the Dam

The Palace on the Dam

The city Amsterdam is a city of wonder, with its rich history it is the perfect tourist destination for those looking for a cheap getaway. You will never be stuck for things to do in Amsterdam, indulging in the cultural experiences couldn’t be simpler, they’re everywhere!

Things To Do

City Amsterdam: Street Food

city Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s cuisine has to be experienced, if you like pastries then you are in for a treat. Stroopwafel is a famous Dutch waffle filled with caramel, they can be found in markets and food stores around the capital. In the winter months, tourists can enjoy Poffertjes, served on the streets. Poffertjes are fluffy pancakes made with buckwheat flour and are usually served with butter and sugar, other toppings include strawberries and whipped cream.

Hire A Bike

Travelling around the city by bicycle is very popular, it’s a great way to explore the landmarks and sights at your own pace. The city Amsterdam is rammed with bicycles, both the locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of them. It’s not hard to find somewhere to hire a bicycle from, and it won’t break the bank. There are many different cycle routes to choose from, usually the bicycle hire shops can assist you in finding the best one for you.


Visit Historical Sites – Anne Frank’s House

One of the most well known sites of historical interest in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank hid from the Nazis in WW2 in an annex in the house which was concealed behind a bookcase. Anne, her family, and another family hid in the building for just over two years before being captured, during that time, she kept a diary. The building is now open to the public and has been turned into a museum dedicated to Anne Frank, her diary was published and became the second bestselling book of all time after the bible. The museum is a must for those interested in history and wanting to learn more about the German occupation of the city during the second world war.

Where To Stay

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