The Typical Dutch Rooftops, you have to see them!

Typical Dutch Rooftops

The Typical Dutch Rooftops, you have to see them!

Welcome to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! One of the best cities the Netherlands has to offer. From great views and hues, Typical Dutch Rooftops. stunning canals, this city has it all. And even though Amsterdam is a fantastic city and you could easily spend all your time exploring this city during your trip, why not discover a little bit more of the Netherlands?   

Small country, little to do?

The Netherlands might be a small country on the map, but it still has many great things to do, to see and to experience. Another great thing about the Netherlands is that it has great public transportation so you can easily move around the country and discover new parts of this small but very vibrant part of the world.  

Authentic Dutch vibes  

One thing you must put on your list is to see and feel authentic Dutch vibes. And what better ways to do this than to see what the Netherlands is well known for. Their typical Dutch Rooftops. Typical Dutch Rooftops are earth toned rooftops in a triangular shape above the houses that look like little boxes. You have these houses is many cities, not only Amsterdam. Another great city where you can really enjoy these typical Dutch rooftops and experience other awesome things is the city full of history, the city that has a special bond with the Dutch Royals: Delft! 


Delft, definitely worth it! 

Delft is only a 45 minute train ride away from Amsterdam and when you arrive you immediately arrive in the city center. Just with a 2 minute walk from the train station you will find your self in the midst of the ‘Grote Markt’. This is a big square, kind of similar to ‘the Dam’ in Amsterdam where you can find the city hall, a stunning colorful building and on the other side the ‘New Church’. Don’t get fooled by this name because it is the oldest and tallest church Delft has to offer. And the fun thing? You can climb this 108m beauty. There are 3 levels where you can enter a private balcony where you can enjoy the views of this beautiful city. From the first level already you can see the city very well but of course the higher you climb, the better the views. You will see pretty orange rooftops, stunning views and much more. Besides the climb there are many other great things this city has to offer.  


At the end of the day: Amsterdam 

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