Top 10 Attractions in Amsterdam

Top 10 Attractions in Amsterdam

Attractions in Amsterdam: Amsterdam is a great place, filled with entertainment, good restaurants, and sights to see. It is also a city that is rich with history and culture, as witnessed by the wonderful landmarks in the city.

Anne Frank House: The Anne Frank House is located in the building where she hid during the Nazi invasion. It has been kept in the same condition and objects from Anne’s life are also displayed.

Bloemenmarkt: The world’s only floating flower market is held in Amsterdam. This ancient tradition, going back to 1862, offers a large variety of lovely flowers.

Vondelpark: Vondelpark is a public park that boasts of an open air theatre, a playground, and several eateries. Music festivals are also held in this historic garden. 

Rijksmuseum: The Rijksmuseum contains the largest collection of arts and historical objects in The Netherlands. It also has a 

Attractions in Amsterdamnineteenth century photograph exhibition showcasing a vast number of old photos.

Old Church: Built in 1306, the Old Church is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Amsterdam. 

Koninklijk Paleis: The Dutch Royal family’s residence in Amsterdam, the Koninklijk Paleis was originally built in 1648 and is filled with history, art, and architectural elements.

Begijnhof: The old quarter of the city, Begijnhof provides a feel of the old Amsterdam. It was originally the residence of the Catholic Beguines, a convent for nuns.

Vlooienmarkt: Vlooienmarkt is Amsterdam’s famous flea market, where you can find pretty much everything. This historic market has been in existence since 1806.

Botanical Gardens: At the Botanical Gardens, you can see rare trees, plants, and flowers. The local zoo is also located here, as well as a large aquarium.
This is one of the most visited Attractions in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Canals: There is no better way to explore Amsterdam than to cycle or walk along the canals of the city.

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