Tourism In Amsterdam

Tourism In Amsterdam

No matter what type of tourist you are, you will find plenty to entertain and excite you in Amsterdam city! Which of these categories of tourist do you fall into? Or, maybe you fall into all four!

1. The culinary tourist

Enjoy freshly roasted, richly blended coffee in a local cafe. The Dutch way is to drink ‘koffie verkeerd’, which is made from a half and half mix of strong coffee and warm milk. When it comes to food there is a whole wealth of flavour awaiting you: sausages, mustardy ham sandwiches, stroopwaffeln, bitterballen (breaded and deep fried balls of cheese, beef and beef broth, with a little mustard dipping sauce on the side), poffertjes (small and super soft, fluffy and sugary pancakes) and other gustatory treasures of the region. 

Amsterdam city

2. The fitness lover

Hire a bike and get around this city in which, famously, bicycles outnumber residents. Strike out further afield and head over to the nearby tulip fields which are a couple of hours’ cycle

3. The art lover

From Van Gogh’s house to the Rembrandt House and Museum, there are innumerable artistic delights in Amsterdam. This city has produced some of the world’s most beloved artists, after all. We haven’t even mentioned the grandest art gallery in the city yet: the Rijksmuseum, where you can lose yourself for an entire day if you are so inclined.

4. Tourists who are interested in history and architecture

One of the city’s most affecting and powerful museums, the Anne Frank House, is located within a historic building: the tallest bell tower in the city. Other architectural wonders in Amsterdam city include its gorgeous and imposing canal houses and the magnificent Royal Palace which dominates Dam Square.

Enjoy your stay, and get ready for some sightseeing!

Staying at an affordable, comfortable central location such as Hostel Orfeo enables you to see all of the city’s main sights with ease. Gourmands, architecture buffs, art lovers and keen cyclists alike will enjoy their stay in this part of town.