Traditional Dutch Foods You Must Try in Amsterdam

Must-Try Local Delicacies When in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam is an experience of a lifetime, which is only complete with a real taste of the place. Try some Traditional Dutch Foods and make your Amsterdam stay memorable. 

Part of the experience of visiting a foreign place is enjoying the local delicacies, and in Amsterdam, these come in all forms from sweet pancakes to raw fish. If you are looking for what to eat when staying in Amsterdam, this list is a must-have. 


You can’t walk the streets in Amsterdam and not see a cart selling stroopwafel. This delicacy is made up of a pair of very thin pancakes that are held together by sweet caramel syrup. You may have had stroopwafels before since they have become an international treat, but nothing beats the ones in Amsterdam since they are usually made on the spot. 


Bitterballen is the ultimate bar snack when in Amsterdam. They are crispy meatballs that have been deep fried golden and usually served with mustard. When you end up in a bar in Amsterdam and want something to fill your belly before a few drinks, this is the snack to ask for. 


Fries, but not really fries. Dutch fries are thick. You can find them on menus in local eateries or at the food market. The patats come with different toppings, depending on what you prefer, including curry ketchup, peanut satay sauce and mayonnaise. 


For the truly adventurous eaters, raw herring is a must try. Called haring in Dutch, the fish is served on the street in carts. After freezing, the raw herring is cured in salt then served with onions and pickles. May to July is said to be the perfect season for haring because it is the sweetest (fattier). 

Traditional Dutch FoodsCheese 

You can’t leave Amsterdam without a taste of its famous cheeses. Visit the Kaas shops in Amsterdam to sample Gouda, Maasdammer, and Geitenkaas. The Cheese Museum is a nice stop if you want to learn about all the Dutch cheese options available. 

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