Four Traditional Things That You Have To Try In Amsterdam

Four Traditional Things That You Have To Try In Amsterdam

Traditional Things: Get a flavour of Dutch life by trying out these 4 suggestions for key things to do in Amsterdam when staying with Hostel Orfeo. If you are just up to Amsterdam for the weekend, then it is a good idea to try out some of the main activities and attractions in the city so that you can get an authentic ‘Amsterdam experience’.
Amsterdam is, famously, home to more bikes than people. So, hop on one of the city’s 80, 000 bikes and see the canals, the markets and the beautiful streets in the classic way – from the saddle! You can opt for a guided bike tour if you like, or you can plan your own route using a guide book or the internet. Amsterdam is a very safe city for cycling in, so even if you are a novice bicycle rider, this will be a brilliant experience. 

  1. Head right to the heart of the museum district

If you have limited time in Amsterdam and you want to see some of the world’s finest museums, you will be delighted to hear that three of them are situated right next to each other in the area known as Museumplein. Head down to Museumplein and you can see the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art all in the same day. The Rijksmuseum, for example, is full of amazing works by Old Masters, such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

  1. Cruise the canals

Traditional Things: Amsterdam is famous for its canals, and a great way to experience them is either to book a guided canal cruise or to hire a pedal boat or another type of vessel and explore them for yourself. Either way, this is a truly unforgettable experience. At night time, you can book a cruise by candlelight complete with wine and food – a lovely idea if you are away in Amsterdam for a romantic weekend with your partner. Hot tip: if you get the Amsterdam city card, you can enjoy a canal cruise for free. If you are really on a budget, taking the ferry over to the LJ will enable you to see Amsterdam from the water for a much lower price than that of a canal cruise.

  1. Pick up some tulips

Traditional ThingsHow can you visit the Netherlands without getting tulips involved? Amsterdam’s biggest and most famous flower market is the Bloemenmarkt and here you can stroll along marvelling at the colours and scents. If you like, you can pick up a bunch of tulips for a loved one, or purchase some tulip bulbs to plant once you get home. If you fancy a bit of an excursion one morning, then the Netherlands’ most famous tulip fields is just a 20 minute drive away from Amsterdam. These fields are known as the Bollenstreek and the brightly coloured stripes of tulips stretch out as far as the eye can see across the countryside Harlem and Leiden.