Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum

caribbean-foodIn the muZEEum, you get to see, hear, discover and experience discover Zeeland’s past and present through a maritime lense. While there, you can quite literally trace the footsteps of great sea heroes such as Michiel de Ruyter.

Stories of Treasure

In the muZEEum there are many stories of treasure and adventure and harrowing tales of loss and despair. For children. the muZEEum features a ton of exciting games and treasure hunts.

Starting in April, the Casements are opened until October. These wonderous spaces are located right next to the sea and serve as the perfect way to be transported back in time to Napoleon’s era. There is nothing like feeling the moisture and smelling the salt in the air.

VOC Treasure

The muZEEum boasts one of the biggest collection of treasures recovered from VOC ships. Each of these objects tells part of a story and they all bore witness to ship life. Items like combs and toothbrushes tell of daily hygiene rituals while plates, bowls and cutlery tell of the kind of things the crew would have eaten. For those who are looking for something a little more adventurous, there are plenty of swords and silver and gold coins.


In 2014 the muZEEum was rated an 8.3/10 for accessibility and hospitality. The study was conducted by 46 ANWB Volunteers who looked over the premises and provided advice on how to proceed. However, the reception was positive and the group have highly recommended the location.

muZEEum Features

There are tickets for families with children under 7, families with children from 7 to 14, young person tickets for 15 to 21 year-olds, senior citizens, groups of children, adult groups, family mixtures. There is also special wheelchair access, educational events and children’s parties.


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